Consulting Services

Strategic planning retreats (3-day retreats, partial retreats).
Direct one-on-one consultation to CEO.
Executive coaching
(including University of Chicago research-based model).
Executive assessments;
Succession planning;
Executive coaching (including University of Chicago research-based model).
Personnel selection -- testing and overseas assessments
Training – pre-departure, overseas follow-up, re-entry.
Exec. coaching--individual, group (inclg. U of Chgo. research-based model); Management Effectiveness Training (inclg. U of Chgo. research-based model).

Solutions-focused psychological consulting to management

Organizational assessments;
Executive coaching;
Fitness for duty assessments;
Assessments of dangerousness
Develop and Provide Corporate Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs); Effectiveness training (inclg. U of Chgo. research-based model);
Stress Management training for employees;
Team building;
Executive and personnel assessments.

Clinical psych. Consulting to Medical Director;
Fitness for duty assessments

Personnel assessments for national security clearance;
Fitness for duty assessments; Psychological evaluations of dangerousness.
M&A consultation—e.g., personnel issues, organizational change and design
Organizational assessment;
Organizational change and design consulting;
Stress management—for managers, employees

Direct consultation and coaching to Board of Directors;
Process consultation;
Training (inclg. Univ. of Chicago research-based model).
Communication strategies consulting.
Critical Incident Stress Debriefings;
Hostage negotiation;
Stress management—for managers, employees
Performance Enhancement consulting and coaching--individual, team, organization.
Performance Enhancement consulting and coaching--individual, group, productions, organization.

Some Reason to Seek Consulting:

Need for strategic planning
CEO need for confidential outside processing and perspectives
Enhancing executive success, wisdom, and thriving
To maximize success of overseas personnel

Manager and leadership development

To resolve difficult and complex organizational and management problems;
Evaluation of personnel;
Fitness for duty issues
Improving morale, health, and effectiveness of workforce
Improving selection process for hiring, promotion

Mental health issues of personnel

Improving selection for national security matters

Effectiveness of mergers and acquisitions
Organizational change management; Reduction in Force (RIF)

Resolving Board of Directors issues

Enhancing organizational communication
Coping with disasters and traumatic stress
Sport psychology issues--individual, team, organizational
Other Performance Enhancement needs-e.g., performing arts


Our Mission:

Assisting people to resolve issues in
order to thrive in wisdom and joy.


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