Coaching Services

Executive Coaching - for wisdom, effectiveness, leadership development, and organizational thriving
Small Group Coaching
- for managers, leaders, and teams
Life Coaching - for personal thriving)
Sport Psychology and Performance Enhancement
-for athletic and artistic performance of individuals, teams, productions, and organizations)
Parent Coaching
- for resolving family stress, developing stress resilience in children
Career Coaching

Reasons for Seeking Coaching

  • To increase wisdom in decision-making

  • To increase “emotional intelligence”

  • To improve relational wisdom

  • To enhance organizational and professional effectiveness and thriving

  • To enhance personal effectiveness and joy

  • To improve quality of life

Differences between Coaching and Counseling

Distress is not at a clinical level in Coaching, while this is usually true in Counseling.

Coaching is more developmental, not therapeutic or clinical.
While Coaching involves assessment, there is no clinical diagnosis.


Our Mission:

Assisting people to resolve issues in
order to thrive in wisdom and joy.


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